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Cosmetic Safety Assessments

At Super Active Cosmetics, we provide you with the paperwork to sell your cosmetics legally. Our CPSR or Cosmetic product safety reports comply completely with the current EU regulations (EC) No 1233/2009.

Our prices start from £75 for a single product or £225 for up to 10 variations around a single base.

We are a team of experienced chemists that enjoy working with clients to make their products safe for the public to use. You will find working with us rather than a third party enjoyable, quick and different to other companies.

Cosmetics Chemistry

At Super Active Cosmetics, we provide all cosmetic services your company requires.

From physical chemistry such as Challenge and stability testing, through to designing your cosmetic project. We have the experience to handle your project.

Cosmetic paperwork.

At Super Active Cosmetics, we provide a complete service, from completion of your public information file (PIF), uploading to the EU cosmetic portal, creating your material safety data sheets (MSDS) and of course the Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR).