"There is nothing more exciting then a client loving what you have created!"

Terence Hughes, Founder

At Super Active Cosmetics We are a fresh cosmetic company that are proud to do things differently, we represents the new face of cosmetics.

There are 5 ingredients that go into making Super Active Cosmetics a success:

  • Client oriented
  • Value for money
  • Delivering an amazing finished end product on time
  • If amendments are needed we like to complete them with in 12 hours
  • Being upfront and honest whether its to staff or clients

Our team is lead by Terence Hughes, He has almost a decade of cosmetic chemistry experience and 18 years in the hair and beauty industry. This gives him the edge of understanding of how important it is to be customer focused.

Terence is formally qualified with a BSc (Hons) Chemistry and member of the Royal Society of Chemistry MRSC and is also registered scientist RSci.

Terence loves to formulate cosmetics for clients, and loves a challenge. 'there is nothing more exciting then a client loving what you have created!

The other members in the team have backgrounds in mathematics, biochemistry and biology. All of the team have a deep passion for science, and our cross disciplinary approach allows us to ensure compliance with the regulations fully, and keep abreast of new research, so we can keep our clients ahead of the curve.