We are experienced in assessing cosmetic products, so they are safe for you and your customers.

A safety assessment is more than a piece of paper or tick box exercise that lets you sell your product in the EU market.

It should give you and your customers piece of mind that it is safe.

When we identify opportunities to make your product safer, we can work with you to make it so, so you can have more confidence in your product and its future, and thus your customers can have more confidence in you, when they use your beautiful products.

We are Up To Date. So you are too.

When you have your products safety assessed, you want piece of mind that they will be safe and seen to be safe for many years to come.

We keep up to date with the latest changes in both EU regulations and the latest toxicological and pharmacological methods and studies being conducted around the world, to ensure that when you get an assessment from us, it best protects you and your customers for as long as possible.

We know there are cheap alternatives out there, but you have put your heart into your formulations. We put our heart into making sure you and your clients are safe.

All our assessments already comply with the current legislation

We are fully ready for the new EU regulation changes introduced in 2014. When you choose to assess with us, you will be ready too, with no nasty surprises or being left out on your own when the regulations change.

We have a special interest in toxicological assessment methods that do not involve harm to animals.

You can trust us to keep your formulations secure.

Your product formulations are precious to you. We get that. We really get that!

Your product formulations are precious, and are constantly at risk of being copied by competitors, of cheap generic knockoffs. We strongly believe in the value that you have created, and we keep are good at helping you protect it.

Right from the outset your compositions are protected, with high grade encryption, secure & encrypted backups and audited Information Processes & Systems, designed and developed by computing security professionals. We have special measures in place to prevent hacking especially from counties where such attacks often occur (and are often the same places that make cheap generic copies of products).

We are used to dealing with non disclosure agreements, and we abide by the spirit and not just the letter of them.

From the people involved, to our policies and culture, to the machines we use, when you deal with us, you can have confidence that we protect your formulations.

We are friendly.

Over many years of assessing cosmetic products, our experience tells us that our clients are often very creative people who do best when not bogged down by the minutia of cosmetic chemistry.

Alas safety assessments often require methodical and laborious, detailed checks and methodical analysis.

Your point of contact with us, is himself a creative type of person - our formulation chemist. He is people person, who will communicate and work with you at a creative level, whilst walking you through any of the more detailed and technical requirements necessary in the assessment process.

We like plants.

Nature has provided a veritable treasure trove of chemicals which we rely on for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It's unsurpising that customers want to experience their benefits.

Botanical extracts and essential oils can be particularly complicated to assess properly, due to the wide range of pharmacologically active ingredients contained within them. Essential oils often contain restricted allergens which have to be accounted for, to ensure that your customers are safe.

We have an extensive experience in safety assessing botanical extracts, phytochemicial isolates and essential oils from around the world, for safe use in cosmetic products.