We value your custom; we are always here to answer any information you have.

We aim to make all the legal cosmetic paperwork as easy and as stress free as possible, allowing you to formulate, package and sell your cosmetics.

We have a confidentially contract, your hard work is very important and we take security very seriously. All your work will be encrypted.

We will never pass on any confidential information to a third party without written consent from yourselves.

On completion of the confidentially contract, payment and relevant documents we can then proceed working for you.

The time indicated is from the time we receive all the documents.

We aim to provide a fast, efficient service. We aim to provide the same service to every client regardless of the size of the company or volume of work we work to a first come first served basis.

If you have any questions, however silly they might seem to you, we are here to answer them.

We require full payment before starting work for you.

if you require any information, including price please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to working with you

Due to the high amount of queries, we will always try to answer questions within 48 hours of submission.

The amount quoted for work is valid for one calendar month. We have the right to refuse, return or extend the period needed to complete work.

Super Active Cosmetics intellectual property will remain with the client, written consent must be obtained before Super Active Cosmetics Ltd documents and intellectual property are shared with a third party.

The estimated time for completed work, is on the understanding that all documents are available, this time can be extended if a third party, such as suppliers fail to release documents.

If you buy a craft offer of assessments. The offer is for upto 10 assessments. We don not allow clients to buy half now and then half at a later date.