At Super Active Cosmetics, We pride ourselves on having an amazingly possitive working relationship with our clients. Here is what some of our clients have to say. 

  Designing and making the products is the easy part, finding a Cosmetic Chemist that won’t rip you off because EU legislation demands you certify your products is the hardest part of all. I had no option but to search through the internet, check out the relative Forums and had numerous conversations on the telephone, I sent emails and received few back. It was a nightmare! I telephoned Super Active Cosmetics and immediately felt calmed. This was the only company that made me feel they were there to actually help me (no, they’re not all like that!) I didn’t get the usual snootiness, the patronising rigmarole of quoting the EU Cosmetics Law as a threat to go with them or the intimidation that if I didn’t go with them I would be pushed back further in the queue (yes I got all this from other companies)!    Super Active Cosmetics made me feel like I was valued, I was talked through the procedure, the prices were told to me up front and after I submitted my formulas I had an estimate in minutes. They even give a discount for bulk product assessments too. I treat my customers with respect and I always try to be helpful, Super Active Cosmetics also have this philosophy, sadly many companies don’t operate this way. I will not give my business to anybody, company or individual, if I can’t trust them or they make me feel small or unwelcome or I have to chase them for an update. Love this company, always friendly, helpful, honest and constantly updates me on the progress of my assessments. All their work is done efficiently and they don’t take forever to get them to you. Stephen John @ Humankind Organics Ltd    

"After struggling to find an assessor that really cared about the business & helping start ups too (not just big corporates) Terence at Superactive Cosmetics has been an absolute breath of fresh air. 

He has an exemplary work ethic, frequently updates, offers invaluable advice garnered from a life time's knowledge & just gets the job done on time & in budget. 

I would highly recommend Terence & look forward to working with him again in the future". 

Amy Hart Owner of Wild Bunny Cosmetics Ltd. 

As a previous and current customer of Super Active Cosmetics, I can recommend them very highly.  The service I have received from Mr. Hughes has been outstanding, from my first nervous enquiry, to my completed and very comprehensive assessments.  I have been guided and advised throughout the process, which can seem daunting at first, but with the advice of an expert at hand - it's really quite straight forward!  I have received service which is prompt, courteous, accurate and value for money. I can now offer my customers products which were previously out of my reach. I will not be looking back.  For me, this is the future of CPSR's!:Jennifer Viarisio .

Although I have been working in the development and manufacture of skincare and beauty products for over 25 years, I was a little daunted by the changes looming for compliance with the EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations in July 2013.  My usual assessor had retired and we needed to source a new service. I contacted a few companies but when I spoke to Terence Hughes at Super Active Cosmetics I was impressed by his experience to date and his commitment to providing an efficient, reliable and fairly priced service. We agreed terms and timeframes and within a few weeks we were well on the way to having all our products assessed. I am entirely confident that we can rely on Terence and Super Active Cosmetics to keep us up to date and I intend to have them do other work for us such as Microbiology & Stability testing. Anne Welby Founder & Managing Director Welby Healthcare Limited G72 0X

I wish to express my sincere admiration and gratitude to you and your colleaguesfor the level of service you have provided and the very moderate costs for the excellent work you have done for us. Sadly this is not so often the case these days so your personal approach to your clientele is all the more valued. I wish you continued success in your excellent business. Tony Norton NTM UK Ltd

"I'm Rose Brown CEO of PHB Ethical Beauty and recently contacted Super Active Cosmetics to provide our safety assessments for our cosmetics. I was very impressed with their helpful and flexible approach as well their competitive rates and quick turnaround. I can highly recommend Super Active Cosmetics for their knowledgably and helpful service."Rose Brown - CEO PHB Ethical Beauty.

I was very impressed with the service I recieved. I had a very fast turnaround and Terence worked with me to ensure that there were no delays or added costs. I would not hesitate in recommending this company and I will definitely use them again in the near future. UKInnovations GP Ltd

With only a few months to go to until the new Cosmetic Regulations were tobe introduced we were staring down a black hole with no light at the end ofit.  We have an unusual product that does not fit into the normal cosmeticscategories and we needed a 'hand holding' service.....all we were gettingwere consultants who were too busy or considered us too small to bebothered, consultants who were more interested in talking down to us andtelling us facts that we were fully aware of or consultants who reallydidn't understand our product.  Then, thankfully, we came acrossTerence/Super Active was like a breath of fresh air and allthe weight around our shoulders was lifted.  Although we had extensively researched the new Cosmetic Regulations and knew what was required we weretotally in the dark as to how we could achieve this and put it all together. Terence guided and supported us throughout the whole process and, despitehim obviously being on a much higher technical level than we are, he alwaysspoke to us as equals and made us feel that no question was too stupid toask.  We could not recommend Terence/Super Active Cosmetics highly enoughand we look forward to working with him in the future on some new projects. [ Ian & Christine Duckworth, Beauty Select Ltd ]