We Offer up to 10 'Craft' type assessment for £225.00, The products we consider for this are as followed. 

  • Soaps (HP and CP)

  • Bath-bombs

  • Bath melts

  • Lip balms

  • basic butters

  • balms and lotions

The assessments are fully complient with EU regulation No 1223/2009

  1. To qualify for the craft assessment discount, your work needs to match the following:

  2. The base formulation must be under 10 raw materials, Water is counted as a raw material, and the components of premade products get counted individually. For example a premade shower gel containing 5 ingredients counts as 5 raw materials.

  3. The base formulation must not change throughout the 10 variations

  4. The raw materials added to the base formulation for the 10 variations must be between 1-3 raw materials.

  5. The raw materials added to the formulations must be fragrance, colour, active materials or any raw material that does not alter the chemical make up of the base.

  6. Materials added to any variation in addition to the 3 raw materials are charged at £20 a raw material.

  7. You can add variations to your craft offer at a later date. The cost is £22.50 per assessment and the minimum charge is £65.00. Terms and conditions apply.

If your work does not fit these requirements, then we can still assess them, but the discount will not apply.  Please see our standard cosmetic safety assessments for details